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What is HypnoBirthing and Why It is Becoming Popular in the US Today

When a woman becomes pregnant, her body and life undergo a great deal of important and dramatic changes over the following year. From frequent trips to the restroom and food cravings to introducing a new baby into the world, it is not uncommon for women to feel a great deal of stress, no matter how excited they are about having a baby. This has led to many pregnant women asking what is the hypnofertility and the hypnobirthing method? Is it the right choice for me and my family.

The answer as to whether or not it is the best choice for a pregnant woman and her family depends greatly upon what the mom to be wants, and how she wants to feel about birthing in general. Another factor that can influence the best way for anyone to undergo the process of childbirth is the support system that they have around them. Medical history and conditions also play a role in the decisions made leading up to the big day that the new baby is introduced to the world however, maternal age or medical conditions never limit those who can use hypnobirthing techniques. As a matter of fact, more women over the age of 30 are now more informed on birth choices than they ever were and more each year are opting for natural birthing preferences or plans. From those birthing completely naturally, vaginal birth after cesarean (VBACs), to those planning an epidural or cesarean, the relaxation techniques taught in hypnobirthing help moms relax more in any labor and birth scenario.

Hypnobirthing in Tampa, and worldwide, is a growing choice for women and their partners who want to feel more relaxed, in control and avoid drugs during labor and delivery, that could affect the ease of their birthing. While there are other methods of childbirth that do not require medications, for over 25 years, hypnobirthing classes in Tampa have a been a proved to be the choice of many midwives, obstetricians and families as statistics show a 50% shorter length of labor when hypnobirthing techniques are employed versus natural birthing with other techniques or natural birthing alone.

This program involves the woman and her birth companion, (spouse, friend, partner, labor support person or doula) as they learn how to practice self-hypnosis to achieve mental and physical levels of relaxation conducive to a more comfortable, natural birth. Rather than engaging in an intense series of breathing and pushing or other stress-inducing activities while in labor, the mother is cued by her partner and herself on the relaxation exercises she has practiced in hypnobirthing classes to access this more physically relaxed, helpful state. The associated techniques are based on the premise that the vast majority of pain experienced during childbirth is due to the fear associated with it.

Throughout the country, whenever childbirth is brought up in a group of women, there are undoubtedly many horror stories about long labor, painful contractions and a variety of medical and surgical procedures which may come in to play should any complications arise. When women who have yet to go through the experience of childbirth hear these tales, it induces a natural fear response.

Unfortunately, during labor, this fear is brought up and creates the fight or flight reaction that most of us are familiar with. This leads to various chemical and hormonal reactions in the body and moves blood to the body parts perceived as most important for survival. All of this takes place at the subconscious level. Unfortunately, the uterus is not on the list for receiving adequate blood flow, which can make labor painful, especially for those experiencing the natural subconscious response of the fear-pain cycle, which tenses the body with each contraction.
However, when a woman takes courses to learn about, what is hypnobirthing, she is given the tools to create an internal sense of calm and confidence in her body’s natural ability that allows her to get through the process much more easily and effectively. Additionally, intricate birth preferences including helpful labor and birthing positions (to avoid medical interventions such as episiotomy), and calming breathing techniques are discussed and practiced during the training sessions as well as prenatal nutrition, how to talk to your doctor, prenatal bonding techniques, and how to incorporate stress relieving techniques into a busy daily lifestyle.

If you or your partner are interested in a more comfortable, relaxed natural childbirth with minimal pain, consider hypnobirthing. If you would like more information on the material covered each class visit: Hypnobirthing Classes

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