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Schomp Family

Andrea, This is an incredibly overdue email, but I have been meaning to send you a note for some time now.  I wanted to first Thank YOU for all your hypnobirthing coaching and support.  It was incredibly helpful.  Jagger Schomp was born a beautiful water birth at Labor of Love on March 21st (yup, he is 6 months old already)!

Anyways, I was so much more in control of my labor and breath this time. I had promised to share my story with you, so here it is (just 6 months late!):

I went into labor around 9pm the night before I had him…but it was one of those things where I wasn’t too sure if I was really in labor or not. But I laid down and started to focus on my breath.  My contractions weren’t coming at a consistent pattern, but they were fairly regular and I called my midwife who advised a bath and relaxation.  I labored all night in the comfort of my bed…while my husband slept. I was completely in control and relaxed, listening to your recording…so I advised him to sleep and be well rested for when I needed him!!

The next morning, they seemed to slow down, so I called my midwife and she told me to get up and do some squats and sit on the ball.  Less then an hour of moving around and my contractions got much more intense and about 5 mins apart so off we went to the birthing center.  I stayed listening to the recordings and completely focused.  In between contractions, I came out to say bye to our little girl (my mother in law was staying with her) and she immediately said “baby brother is coming today” – such instincts, bc I didn’t show any sign of distress!

We got stuck in some traffic and my husband laughs because he said I was sooo calm and in between my contractions I was looking up other routes…but not at all stressed, just as if I had nothing better to do, lol

I was 5 cm when I got to the birthing center around 10am (the only time through my entire pregnancy and labor that I was ever checked). Got adjusted by a chiropractor who came in (bc I was started to really feel hip-labor coming on…not as bad a back labor, but still super intense in my hips).  She adjusted me and they all sat in another room while my husband and Iabored on a birthing ball.  I can’t remember the exact timeframe, but around 11:30, I said it’s time for me to get in the tub and I was feeling it..I’m guessing I was 10 cm! My husband and I labored in the tub for about 45 mins and it got really intense.  I was NOT a warrior like that Russian lady you showed in the video….I don’t think she made one sound, lol.  But, I did remain in control of my breath for the most part..although it was deep and much louder than the videos…but hey, I tried!  My husband was super helpful and I just felt soooooo much more in control. Jagger was born after a few very intense deep breaths at 12:25!  I was back in the comfort of my own home at 5pm that day resting and relaxing with Jagger and my family!

He is as happy and healthy as ever.

Thank you! Thank you!  You were an instrumental part in my confidence and control going into labor.

xxoo, Michelle


Hi Ladies!

For anyone Ethanwho didn’t know I had Ethan Timothy Hauck on 10/22, 2 days after acupuncture and everything went well there. The labor was quick so much faster than I had anticipated, being it was my first baby. Let me just say the labor part was the easiest so far!!! Mommy hood is the toughest but most rewarding “job” I have ever had. Too bad I couldn’t hypnobirth my way through the raging hormones, sleepless nights, sore breast and constant demands of a 3 week and 4 day old newbie:-) nonetheless I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world and I’m beyond blessed with my little man!!! Miss everyone and miss the relaxation of Monday’s!!



Hi Andrea!

It’s hard to believe but I am now the mama to a 3 week old! Amelia Evelyn arrived 8/25 at 241am. Labor was about 12 hours and was intense right from the beginning, with surges coming every 2-4 minutes. Because they were so strong and so close together right from the beginning, we never had a chance to work through any hypno scripts specifically. However, I did go “in” on my own and was using hypno imagery and relaxation throughout the whole labor.  I did have the hypno cd playing for a while and it was nice to hear it in the background even if I wasn’t able to follow any of it all the way through. I kept my eyes closed most of the time and “slept” between surges. I used good breathing techniques throughout and that helped to keep me focused and relaxed. Seth was amazing and said all the great phrases we learned in class and kept gently motivating and encouraging me. He was by my side the entire time and I couldn’t have done it without him. I was in the birth pool for 4 hours total and pushed for about 2 of those. The pushing stage is where hypno techniques went out the window. Baby was OP … Coming down face up… Thus the long pushing stage. I started to feel the urge to push and Katrina had warned me a few weeks prior that since baby was OP there might come a time during pushing that I would have to really push. Well, that was very apparent right from the beginning. I push pushed! But it was actually pretty cool because I super tuned into my body and we were a team! The urge to push came in waves throughout a single contraction so I would push, breathe, push, breathe… And just worked with my body. I remember this phase the most clearly. Since I could feel the baby moving down, it gave me a great visual to focus on. After a while, I could feel the baby’s head and it motivated me to keep going but to allow my body to take its time and not rush it so I could stretch open. In one good push, baby’s head was half out… And I had to sit and WAIT for the next contraction. This was intense! It burned and was surreal and all I could do was just be with it… There was no rushing, no running, just being. Another push and baby’s head was out except her little chin, again, waiting and feeling it all until the next surge which brought baby out! I was on my hands and knees and baby went behind me so Katrina brought her forward, unwrapped her cord (wrapped around her neck 3 times!) and I lifted her to my chest and laid back against seth! It was incredible!

Ultimately, I am happy with how things turned out. I’m happy I had a bunch of tools from hypno class to use throughout but I think the class did more in itself than I first realized. The time spent in class was focused on the positive, so even during the worst of it, I didn’t have head space to even allow a negative thought to enter. I knew the outcome would be positive, since that’s what we practiced, so it all had to end that way.

Thanks again, Andrea! I loved your class and I loved meeting you wonderful gals! Hope everyone is doing well. Sending happy, calm thoughts your way!



We are great and Miss Taylor Catherine Reuter was born weighing 7lbs 2oz 3 days ago on 11/23 at 41 weeks gestation via COMPLETELY intervention and med-free hypnobirth 🙂  We are still getting settled so I will follow up with the rest of the birth story soon.

It was everything I could have hoped for and more!  I am so pleased with how it went.  Amazing. 🙂


John wyattI am happy to report the arrival of John Wayne Wyatt III on 9.12.15 7:24am via home birth, as planned.  I had x2 days of early labor that was on/off, sufficiently depleting my energy stores and conjuring up some frustration, culminating in intense active labor beginning at 10pm.  I went from stalled early labor, to 1+min surges, 3-4min apart in a matter of minutes.

Like you mentioned, I was able to call upon the breathing techniques we practiced, and was certainly not holding my breath, as evidenced by the primitive sounds I was emitting!!  I was also able to improve my relaxation between surges, as time marched on, in part due to my sheer sleepiness, I assume!  The birthing tub was also a great assistant with increasing my relaxation between surges.  I also had the wonderful assistance of my midwife, Katrina, her assistant and my partner.

Shortly before I delivered, a storm began with perfectly placed and not too intense rolls of thunder, gentle splattering of rain on the window above my tub, and an orange light glowed through the shade as the sun was rising.

I was very exhausted by the time my son was born, but with the needed help of my great birth team, I was able to climb out of the tub and conquer the x2 steps to my bed.  I also experienced some delayed placental delivery, but, again, with my awesome birth team, I also conquered the steps to/from my bathroom where we were able to resolve that without incident.  Once returned to my bed, I was able to remain there, cuddling and nursing my son while Katrina and her assistant diligently cared for us, and cleaned up the evidence!

I had a truly wonderful experience and despite the pain (that’s right, I said it, pain…) I immediately felt that I would do it ALL again, once my partner placed my son in my arms.
Katrina took a picture of my son on birth day wearing the cap you made him, as it was staying on better than the one included in birth kit.

Andrea, thank you again for your skillful training and guidance!

Brooke Walker, PTA


MettaHi Andrea,

I am writing to let you and the group know that our little girl arrived on Friday morning at Breath of Life Birth Center.  While it was still “labor”, we had such a different and better experience than with our first.  I think the hypnobirthing methods and the staff and environment at Breath of Life contributed largely to that.  I am also aware that women tend to have shorter labors, and sometimes easier labors, after their first which was true in my case.

I was in active labor for about 8/9 hours (it was 24 hrs with my first) and I spent only about 10/15 mins in the birthing phase.  Our little girl, Metta, was born in a tub.

These methods helped us (me and my husband) the most.

I spent a good majority of the beginning of labor and intermittently through the more active phase in the side lying position practicing the breathing techniques.  I stayed in bed at home pretty much until we got in the car to go.  I think this really helped me stay calm and conserve energy.  I listened to the Rainbow Relaxation CD once in my labor but didn’t really use any other visualization other than the balloon  or waves crashing at the beach during the surges.  My husband did cue me to “relax” and the midwife often cued me with “beautiful” and “perfect” when I would breath well through a surge.   Both of those cues really helped.  Being reminded to relax my jaw, legs, and feet also helped.  Having a supportive birth companion was also helpful.  It was amazing how much better I coped with the surges when my husband was right there either talking to me, massaging, or holding (I know the guys from our group will (or have been by now) be so great at this).  Some surges were easier than others of course but when I really tried to stay present, be in the moment, and simply feel the surges instead of tightening and labeling them as “pain”, I did much better.

The birthing phase was definitely the most challenging for me and I was glad it was relatively short.  The midwife did say that she could see me trying to breath her down and relax between “pushes” but I felt my body telling me to push and that it was what I did when it felt right.  My water broke about 3 mins before she was born and then out she came.

All in all, the majority of the experience was very calm and low key.  It was so much calmer than my previous experience that I thought it would go on for much longer because I thought it had to get more intense to make any progress.  I think I also learned that the whole thing is really an unknown and it is better not to get into the thinking of “how much longer is this going to be?” and “I’m not sure how much longer of this I can do?” because no one knows that answer.  Better to be in the moment, take it one breath at a time and trust your body.   So, thank you for introducing me to these techniques!  And please pass on any info you think is helpful to the rest of the group. Hope you and everyone are well!


Had my baby today =] all natural waterbirth. My labor was fantastic! Not painful at all! Hypnobirthing techniques were FANTASTIC at keeping me calm and relaxed even for my 20 hour labor.

The birth itself went a little crazy (I’ll send you a birth story later) but all in all I was soooo happy to have the natural birth I wanted. Baby came at 41weeks 4 days and is perfect! So calm and alert and latched to the breast fantastically! Couldn’t ask for a better experience thank you so much for everything Andrea and keep up the good work! After this I can’t help but wonder why anyone would WANT anything other than this for theirbirth experience!

Damian Martin Ramos
Born May 22, 2014 7 lbs 14 oz
Perfect and healthy!


What hypnosis clients are saying

Thank you!! I have been feeling awesome and haven’t wanted to even eat unhealthy.  I’ve been doing great!  Today I was stressed out because I had to do so many things, so I decided not to do as many, this helped!  Also the whole time before when I was stressed and feeling anxiety I didn’t once think of eating or wanting food!!
Thank you so so much! I will email you as I need the next session : )

-T. College Student, Gainesville, FL

Hi Andrea,

I ‘ve been meaning to email you since Wednesday evening….I didn’t realize how long our appointment went and I want to thank you for taking the extra time to work with me.  I really appreciate it!  I feel a lot more calm and peaceful since our session.  I started fighting a bad headache/migraine again that evening and when I went to bed I did the visualization you taught me and I saw the “ball of yuck” immediately slip through your office door and it then shot down the street and dissipated into tiny particles.  It was so cool because I had immediate relief and it hasn’t been bothering me since!  So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

-L.  Entrepreneur, St. Petersburg, FL


Just a check in – well it has been 2 weeks on my own  i am down 20 pounds feeling great an have not had a yeast infection since getting off the flour i went on line an checked it out an they said flour  is a big problem for women an yeast infections so even more of a plus the blood type program ( i will not call it a diet it is a new life style) has been the cure for me along with your hypno help i feel like a new person i have not been severe about what i am doing  xxxx and I went to a beach lounge the other nite an had a couple drinks while listening to the band  knowing this i had a lighter dinner an was the same weight the next day I CAN have a normal life an enjoy going out an still keep control over me  what a relief an it is so much fun trying new ideals an just seeing what you can come up with that is good and good for you  you’ll never truly know what a blessing meeting has been to me i do belive we have angles to guide us if we just open our eyes an ears  THANKS so much     much love

-B, Caregiver Tampa, FL

Thanks also for another outstanding session today. I feel like we accomplished a great deal, forgiveness is obviously at the core of self-love. I know it’s going to take time, but I am looking forward to that part of the healing.

Thanks to you, Andrea, I could not do this without you! You are so amazing.

-L, St. Petersburg, FL

Andrea:  Received your new information, congratulations on your move.  I just wanted you to know that I sent your information to my Gastroenterologist after seeing him and letting him know the success I had with your program, weight and also hypnosis for my IBS, which is just doing fine still after all this time.

He said that he has lots of old stubborn IBS patients and if it worked for me he would recommend that they try it as he said…it doesn’t hurt.  Also as I mentioned to you Clinical indication is that 10% of the IBS patients can be helped with hypnosis if there is no medical indication/blockage or physical reason for IBS.  Most IBS is caused by stress related issues.

– J. Staffing/Recruiting St. Petersburg, FL

I am very happy with my results from the program; I feel like my entire attitude towards food and my health has changed. Thanks Andrea for being an incredible counselor and for helping me to take control of my eating and my life.

-P.  Mom, Tampa, FL

I am in a better place now in my life because of this program.  It allowed me to understand and deal with my deep past hurts and let them go for good.  Moving on in my every day life’, living for today and not wait for if when happens.  I feel better apart to take on life challenges and have a better understanding and freedom on each day-life circumstances.  Thank you for giving me freedom back to my life!

-J.  Business Owner, South Tampa

My subconscious is not standing in my way to adult actions.  I am reinforcing the good that I know is in me.  Happiness is in me knowing I can enjoy the world around me.  Seeing more of the truth in reality, knowing I can handle activities (food, thoughts) all in moderation!

-Jeanne M.  Retired Educator, St. Petersburg, FL

HypnoBirthing rocks!!

-Caroline, B. St. Petersburg, FL

Thanks to HypnoBirthing and my learning to trust my body and my baby, I was able to birth comfortably at home.  Thank you!

-Vanessa, C. Tampa, FL

Andrea is incredible and has helped me so much, I feel like her sessions have helped me to gain so much confidence and love for myself and my body, I am so appreciative. Thank you so much!

-Rhea St. Petersburg