What is HypnoFertility or Mind-Body Fertility?

To understand HypnoFertility or Mind-Body Fertility all one needs to do is take a look at the primal brain, adrenal response and HPA-axis or Hypothalamic Pituitary Axis.  It may sound complicated but it is very simplistic in function.  This function of the mind and therefore reaction in the body can help or prevent pregnancy.

In historical times of war or famine there would always be a resulting decrease in pregnancies and therefore the live birth rate.  This was not because couples would all of a sudden start to practice abstinence!  This historical evidence of the mind-body fertility connection was due to the link of the emotions  (of fear or lack) with the adrenal glands and the fight or flight syndrome.  Simply put, living in a real or perceived state of danger causes individuals to produce the hormones that can actually stop ovulation.  When the mind is in this state the hypothalamus tells the ovaries to “close shop” so to speak until there is a safer time to procreate.

One may suggest that in these modern times that we have highly functioning mental capacities to know the difference between famine, war and having some deadlines at work or school but the fact is that the conscious mind knows the difference between war and a deadline but the subconscious mind does not.  It is the subconscious mind that controls all autonomic or automatic systems in the body:  blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and hypothalamic output.  So if we are to truly change how we are responding to stressful life situations (like infertility) then we must train the subconscious mind daily to release the feelings of fear and lack and change them into feelings of acceptance and even peace in order to increase our fertility.

Many studies have shown high effectiveness in the use of mind-body fertility techniques and hypnofertility to increase chances of conception with and without the use of assisted reproductive technology by up to 80%.


Andrea uses both the mind-body fertility program by James Schwartz based on his book the Mind-Body Fertility Connection and the HypnoFertility protocol by the HypnoBirthing Institute to work with others looking to enhance their fertility and conception.  These sessions are done in private one on one in office sessions, Skype sessions or small groups.  A spouse or partner is also welcome to join in on any session at the preference of the woman looking to conceive.

Andrea herself has undergone both clomid, and IVF treatments unsuccessfully before naturally getting pregnant using the same mind-body methodology for her first baby at 37.  She looks forward to sharing more about this protocol and how it may be able to help.  Contact her here.

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